Boss induced

A little Sunday dolo jam! Found some sweet construction roads, the weather was absolutely incredible!



Matt and Dean argue all the time about "who's gonna make tea today" but they didn't disagree when deciding where the issue 41 release party would be, they actually both said in unison "why Salt Lake City of course, that place is fucking mental". Its funny because I totally agree with them. So on November 19th everyone better get their little scooters down to the Garage because we are going to have one hell of a party. In addition to issue 41 being released(and given out for free to anyone that attends); God's Revolver will be playing a set, Steven Stone will have images hanging from the walls, and there will be a special book release happening as well that you WILL NOT want to miss. Its going to be an epic time and I know some out of towners are already planning the trek. So get it locked in and be there. We will be riding there Rain, Snow, or Sun. We expect you to as well.

If anyone from out of town has any questions please hit us up, we are more than willing to help you out.


The Sissy Bars

Bolts Japan homie Mochi started up a punk band with a few of his bike homies and they are dropping in and putting themselves on display for the first time on Halloween Night. Good luck Mochi, wish I could be there!



I flew out and picked up a car in Wisconsin last week. What better place to stop over for a detour than Des Moines IA. I got to the shop around 10PM, Jeff and I proceeded to talk shop and drink CL smooths till 1 and then it was off to his bar GT for more coldies and one of the best pizza's I have ever had. From there Jeff and Fatty kindly let me stay upstairs at the FTW printhouse. Thanks again boys so stoked I stopped!



-The Jap-
Thought I would share an update, I pulled it all down for a "real" paint job and get it looking all pretty. Did a little frame cleaning, Andy modified my oilbag. I got frame, tins, and legs with Dave at Bloody Knuckels Chop Shop for a shiny gloss black, and sissy, exhaust, mags and bars at Chrome.
Got an OK wrap job finished up on my King and Queen. A long overdue cam cover chop will also be new addition.


Trial Lake one night stand

We got a few homies together and did a short 60 miles into the hills for a camp night. We got punted by the rain the final 10 miles into the campsite, so much fun!! Hollywood said it best "you know you have a good crew when nobody stops when the rain hits" so true! The crew was small and tight and we, as usual had good, short adventure and stories to bring home. Thanks all ya'll fools, good times!