In The Market

Looking for a front end from a Buell X1/S1/S3, preferably 99-02, or from an S2. No XB's. Email me here if you have one or a lead on something reasonably priced. Thanks


Andy Carter on Chop Cult

Andy Carter you murk'd it with this bike homie, congrats!!

Check out Andy's write up on CHOP CULT!


Jamie Lynn Powder and Rails Pt. 3 of 4

I'll probably catch a little heat from the Bolts Execs for posting "non-original content", so sorry in advance homies. Vbs.tv has a show called Powder and Rails that showcases some of snowboarding's finest. This 4 part segment happens to be about one of my all time favs- Jamie Lynn. He shares the love for motorcycles alike and in this episode it shows a few shots of his 45 pan and his Super Glide. enjoy!



Always coming through. I hope someday I can return all the favors.


H&H South

Stopped by Beez's to get "Roll the Dice" on its way to being back to rolling.


"I'm gonna be iron...like a Lion...in Zion"

Another month of Hot Bike(US) has hit the news stands, and another familiar bike has a feature. Our close friend Andy Carter, of PangeaSpeed.com, has his Zion Express featured. The ZE might not be everyone's cup of tea, but upon closer inspection, anyone with a sense of what it takes to fabricate can appreciate all of the subtle nuances that Andy poured sweat and tears over. I was not a huge fan of this bike aesthetically when I first saw it, but over time it has won me over and I am now an advocate of the Zion. The fact that I get to witness the biggest fucking smile on Andy's face whenever I see him riding it helped push me to the other side. Hats off to you Mr. Carter, it takes some balls to not only cut the tranny off and ironhead but to push the limits of how a motorcycle can look. Stone, great job on the photos. Brandon, amazing use of words. Brett, great job on giving Brandon a turtle tattoo.

Please note: I apologize for the shitty pictures. It was 6AM at the airport. Forgive me for using the day to it's fullest extent.


Chain Tension is in the Air!

I picked up some Pangea chain tensioners the other day. These babies got a good look!!!


Hot Bike: The Non-Japan Version

Tanner's bike has a pretty cool feature in this months Hot Bike, not normally mag we would read, but a good spread none the less.


Grim Salvage

Sean form Grim has his new site up and running full force. Grim has way, way, way tons of parts for your whimpy girl sport, you're chopped or unchopped jap bike and even you're to cool FXR. Whatever else you need if he don't got it he'll get it for a good deal for ya. Do some shopping and don't wait for spring cause then the times gone and everybody is already on bike mob.

Northend to the Southend