Grim Cycles

I got so sick of my bike just not givin' me what it had in it. I loved the idea of "the look" being my focus, but I decided I was gonna go for the performance and actually open this motor up to is potential.
Sean at Grim has a knack for making this idea a reality, So I thought I'd give him a try.

So I let go of the "but it's a HD part" theory , and threw it in the box.

The beauty is unexplainable, the S&S is gorgeous (i got some color matching to do still), the pipes Sean Built are pimp as crap!

This is Stone Mess Obviously!
Come home with me baby, lets get it on!!
It all worked too. She pulls so strong all the way through the throttle range and gears, zero low spots, zero spits. SOOO clean it's crazy!! It is still a sporty, its not a bullet bike, but the difference is huge!!! Thanks Sean, and Stone!


Happy Birthday Stone!

There are a couple GREAT things about these pics of STONE!

1- His hands are greasy and he is actually turning a wrench on his bike. He might actually be on his own bike soon...

2- His Burn is tight, and having Stone on the receiving end of photos is rad. He can really light up a 250!

3- He's a pretty good lookin' dude. He just needs to sell a few more prints for a new pair of shoes.

Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Homie!!


A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

This post involves:

-Brock and Seth getting pulled over
-Brocks bike in impound
-Brocks bike out of impound

Brock did a few haircuts on the MOB. Jeremy shot this photo of Kody's new doo.


99¢ Tools.

Jer at the Mega Top Secret Desert Skate Spot... so secret that even we'll never find it again.


BoltsAction 1 Year

BoltsAction will be a year old on June 22nd of 2010, We are very excited about this! Our timing of turning 1 is perfectly lined up with GO SKATE DAY June 21. BoltsAction has linked up with Milo-Orem and Wooden Robots and will be busting out a skatepark tour of Utah on Go Skate Day for our Birthday party, we want everyone to come skate, ride and enjoy. We are making the plans now and will repost with the park tour and the final destination and start point and so on. The link in the side bar will be updated ASAP, and any changes made will also be posted. Gods Revolver will be playing at some point, Bar-B-Q's will be going down, tons of skating and tons of rowdy bike riding, gonna be the best birthday party ever!

Parks that will be in the line up, Here, Here and Here



Brock from Goldcoast was droppin' hammers at the Wooden Robots compound today --- too bad I couldn't seem to focus fast enough to catch 'em. Sorry, homie.




We went looking for Mexican choppers... what we found was 125 CC's of Pure Baja Fury.


The No Post, Post

Apologies for the delayed postings. Been raining a bit, some bikes gettin' buttoned up, half the Bolts dudes were surfing and chillin' in Mex this week. Not that I need to excuse ourselves, but then again it seems like I do.
Anyway fresh content is in it's development stages. Later, thanks for checkin' in, as always!


Get your sk8 on!

I've been thinking about this one for a little while now... After talking with Jeremy about it at a stop light on our way to the park I went home and fancy'd it up, can't wait to see what he comes back with.