Don't forget!! The attendance doubled from the first moto monday, lets double it again from the second.

Moto Monday The 3rd


Ride n' Pork

It was almost 40 degrees today! You can't pass up a chance to ride mid winter with temps like that. So, we rode...

Followed by a ill pulled pork sando.



Hope it works. I opted to throw all my Free Agency out on this one and went for the manual every step of the way.
Sorry for the phone photos, I know thats wack!


Patriot Love

Bringing The Patriot back to life. Replacing the main shaft, fun stuff never been in this zone of the motor so I hyped to learn.


LOVE Randoms

Here are some randoms that I shot last weekend. Andy put up a sweet little post here as well.

Vegas Pack Up

Mizu Insurance

My boy Matt from dice got clipped in the suicide lane the night before the show. Check the bars, then the front wheel. Yikes.

Monkey Boy

T's Sedan

Night Patrol

Canyon Shot




Since Stone is our resident photographer we dont see too many pictures of him. Shot this in AZ while he was burnin through gears on his new to him FXR.



Easy Decision

25 degrees or house work really gonna stop you? Don't let it!



Warm day today. Rallied The Fixxer out of the muddy-snowy-ice-swamp that is my front yard. Jammed over to my little bro's where we busted out his junk-show Honda. A little effort spent on a push start and we were good to jam down to Sean's place to get him some fresh Avon's on order... mellow jam, probably only 15 miles total. But 15 miles of beauty, brother.


Another Gloomy Saturday in SLC

Which means it was a perfect day to ride. Jer called me up to see if I was up to smelling like gas today. I suited up to a mellow 32-ish degrees we were off to find some jumps. Here is what we left with.


The Need..

Sit Tight

For all of you that requested a Bromance Kit to go to the Great White North, please be patient. I haven't had time to make it to the post office yet to get them out. Since you nine balls don't run regular postage its just one extra step in the process. I am however, very willing to go the extra mile for you diehards up there. Thanks for waiting.


My guard dog, St. George UT, on the way home from the Hippy Killer Hoedown/Biltwell Bash. Epic Trip. Photo by Stone.


A Warm 21 Degrees

The Scene was chill and solid, It's nice to get to chill without all the drama of work and bullcrap. These moments in life are a must.

After a Nice few slices of Zah and some chit chat about bikes, Biz and a side of Crap, everyone was itchin' for a jam. I lived out the farthest so most the dudes took a ride to my exit to get some time on there scoots, super fun except when I had my glove off for 5 minutes trying to get pics, My hand never recovered.