Was in SoCal for about 16 hours, quick trip. Stopped by to see the family at Loser. Everyone was all smiles today. The triple threat was in full effect; Captain Kosha, Magic Hands Paul, and Beach Bum Lopez. MHP had his pooch there too which is an amazing guard dog. Lots of good things happening at this camp. Support the cause.


Moto Tres

Some Progress

I could have the same excuse as everyone really, "no time", "work is busy", "money", blah blah blah. Truth is, I was just stuck looking at this thing for months not sure were to actually go with it, "builders block"? NO, that would imply skills and a plan, neither of which I possess when it comes to motorbikes. I did hack out some pipes and battery box the other day and got the stoke to get this baby rolling!! Waiting on a fender to be spun now for a couple weeks as soon as I get that and a few other things Ill have a really good idea of reality about this scoots life on the road.


Sunday In Utah.

***DISCLAIMER: I was being a pussy and didn't wanna risk any "real" cameras, so this is what I was able to capture with my iPhone... sorry for the shit resolution***

Burn The Witch.

My little sis. She is not available. At least not for any of you scumbags.

This weekend was the Holi Festival at the Krishna Temple in Utah County.

According to rumors I can't verify, Utah's Krishna temple is the only Krishna temple in the United States to throw a Holi Festival like this...? Open to the public, with thousands of people caking each other in colored powders... the Krishna's throw a hell of a party.

I ran into Chopper Jay and Lizard there, so I'm justifying it as relevant for BOLTS.

Next year we all need to ride to this jam and leave dust-trails of color the whole way home.


Dice | Foundry

Dice party last weekend in the land of the desert. Hundreds of people, huge ramp, familiar faces. Matt and Dean were great company all evening.


Man I get so giddy when I come home from work to see a box on the doorstep. Especially when I am not chomping at the bit expecting something to be there.

Thanks Jeff for the care package. Hugs and kisses.

S&S(E)4 93FXR80+10:1xEV27

That string of alphanumerics doesn't mean shit to my mom, but all y'all should know it's a recipe for solid good times.