Google is pretty on point

If you omit the 30 minute cop stop and take into consideration the ten gas ups I would say that I did pretty good on time. Solo jam from Government Camp to my house in one straight shot. Other than my ass cheeks feeling numb, I feel pretty damn good. I already miss THE UNIT, but I am sure they are surviving without me. Tool up a Tombstone and some BL-DUBs for me tonight. Thanks for an epic, and breakdown free, adventure.

The (wo)MAN

Got stopped for the second time in two weeks. This time I wasn't as lucky. Mirror ticket, who would of thought?!

Tire Sweat

B Fox

Enduro shred. 400 miles, 3 nights in the woods and off the path roads, B Fox had a trip that changed his life! Good looks!
(above) If you happen to be in downtown SLC tonight, Friday the 29th, then swing by the new SLC PhotoCollective and check out the grand opening show featuring 31 prints from 31 SLC photographers. To keep this on point, my print is about 7% motorcycle related.
(below) If you have no interest in attending the aforementioned show, but wasted your time reading this anyway, I don't want you to leave empty handed... this post has a consolation prize, see below. Hours of fun. Enjoy. (Courtesy of some shit on this dude's page)


Ridin' Dolo

Neck deep in organizing files on the new computer, I stumbled across this gem from a few years back. Tahoe Technology Center, early 2009, I think?


200 down

With 800 miles on deck. We decided to knock out a couple hundred tonight. Left SLC at sundown an had a nice 80 mph clip, good times!


BOLTS friend Jared Eberhardt is crazy talented and makes amazing shit. He just released this music video for artist Nikki Lane. The song's pretty great, too. Get into it.

...After the jump

Kevin trying to get feeling back in his face while Andy scrapes for some grip to escape the bite of the run off.


Jer, Seth, gettin' all Greg Louganis on Michael Phelps ass, no HIV intended.
Whoops. Logan Skatepark.
(Of course, it's Jer, so it goes without saying that he somehow got his shit beneath him... like a cat.)



While on the Camp Site tip

Poler was kind enough to kick in The Man Tent for a give-away, the call was to give it to the dude that rocked the worst kit the first night!
Enter Danny Payne: It wasn't actually that his gear was terrible, it was the fact that EVERY single piece he brought and used was borrowed he had nothing of his own to camp with, albeit his own body and soul.
Happy huddling in your new crib site Danny.

Camp Bolts

Thank you everyone for the great times, you all killed it.


We're Back....

I know...you've missed us. Full post to follow soon(from multiple people i'm sure).


Bikes Of Bolts

I had a intro all typed up, but... Bolts Action has always just been about riding and documenting it for ourselves and our friends and followers. Simple. Click Play and see for your self the magic Seth worked and the awesomeness of Hollywoods scoot.

You Yella Boy?

From Boss Hobbs;

You can write whatever you want, something to the extent of "we printed a super small run of Yellowstone t's that we will have for sale at the campground tomorrow night. We are also bringing some other t's and Mizu bottles if you want to support the cause".

With love,


Funmeter = Epicness

When I bought this bike a week ago it was pretty clapped out. I instantly took it home and ordered parts to bring it back to life. One week later and the top end has been rebuilt, new pads, wheel bearings, dual sport kit, rubber, complete rewire, and probably the single handed biggest investment(and best power purchase) a pumper carb. I just took a quick spin around the neighborhood and not only did the motor not blow up(I was slightly worried since its the first top end I have ever done) but it wants to pull the wheel off the ground through fourth! Pretty stoked for a minimal investment. A few aesthetic things to change and then this beetch is headed to the CO woods for Rouser fest 2011!