Yeah, Jer. Surfing's played... why don't you ruin some jeans and go drag knee on a rigid shomper, instead?



I know the "surf" is a bit played. Its crazy easy and it's a good "wow" move for a blog post. I was out playing with a new version the other day though and didn't quite commit, I was alone and only had my phone. So all that happened was the same old.
So... Don't enjoy!


Quick Gratitude.

HUGE THANKS to my boys at VOLCOM and COMUNE for dressing my ass all week, and to my boys at ANON optics for giving me reason to wear my sunglasses at night. Y'all kept me fresh for all the sleepless days and nights --- you know who you are. Thanks so much. I owe all y'all.

Life or Meth Edit

I cut a bit different than normal. Im not a pro at this by any stretch and would consider myself bottom barrel on the timeline of goodness when it comes to editing. I mixed phone footage/timelapse edited on my phone with some ghetto-pro footage. turned out cool and much different than the usual Bolts cuts. Due to some cloning going on we have to change it up a bit.


West Coast Oil Spill

Hollywood figured he would try and even out the coasts with runaway oil.


Brooklyn Invitational: Film

Our good buddy Chris over at Goldcoast took some photos, on a non-digi cam when he was at the Brooklyn Invitational. Chris is, lets see how can I put this....not the biggest fan of motorcycles. Actually he is not interested in them the least bit. So when I asked him to stop by the BI when he was in NY over the weekend I was curious to see what his eye would catch.


Fishmouth from Pangea

So it's been a minute on the swingarm update. Andy has been busy with other projects I had a busy Aug. with next to zero days at home. But alas the frame is done and ready for me to take home and bust the fab out on the rest and get this thing taking shape as far as moving parts go.
I wanna take my hat off to ANDY/PANGEA on this one!! He went above and beyond with the OG dream and ideas I shared with him, at the same time he stayed right along the perfect line of the drawings and vision I had. Me and Andy both should thank his Pop's for the lovely "frame looks sick! Except now the square swingarm looks HORRIBLE!" comment which took us to phase 2 of the swing arm re-up of actually rebuilding the whole thing.
Anyway, This thing looks F'ing RAD!!!!! I can say that even though its my bike cause it was not my hands that pounded the miracle, thanks Again ANDY, no homo!!

L of M Night life

This was a 30 second exp. I tried to paint some branches with my laser light on my mini mag. Didn't really work!

Some... More to Come!

We got some really dope shots on Life Or Meth, this is just a quick few that I pulled after my first download this morning, Enjoy, check back for more!


For Stone and Iggy

Figured I'd throw you a bone Stone! NY holmes!!

Desolate Wonderland

Life or Meth

Day 1: Wet Start, Hollywood had about 3 different make shift air cleaner covers! Dried out just enough to get an off shoot camp site dialed in. Hopefully some skating and coast line today!


Beast Blowout!

I was rolling through my photolog for an unrelated project when I realized that over the years I have seen and shot a lot of Beasts. Now that I think about it... my friends are F-ing amazing so this is just a standard display of what goes down on the reg. I am truly blessed to roll with such a rad crew. All these photos are from the 2005-2006 ish era.
Mike Aitken at Tanner park
Jeremy Jones blasting his Siggie frontside melon
JP and a stylish frontside noselide
Beezer! this was the first day I got my flashes
Jordan Williams nollie fift
Jordan Williams fully piped
Cy Bickmore with a first try 5-00h
Jake Smith- BS lipslide (BS=Best Style)
Cheese made it on Bolts...Whoa!
Caleb Orton with a lofty backside flip
Cy Bickmore putting down a Switch heelflip at the dust bowl, a long ass time ago.