T.O.T.B. Mission Accomplished

I love riding with homies however, a haul ass solo rip is good for the soul every once in a while, especially when this is on the other end!

Airport Parking

Is the most convenient on a moto


Maintenance Day

Can I interest anyone in a nice warm glass of lemonade? It's only got a few thou' on it.

Tour of the Beast. Leg 2

Just outside of Price Ut. Epic day for riding, hwy 6/Spanish fork canyon was insane.


The Parking Lot

Hollywood, Tonino and Myself had a little parking lot fun and low speed putt to loosen up the loins on Tonino's new scooter (which looks amazing all dressed up in its sunday best). Good times can be had even with no time and low speeds.

SLC Valley

Seth enjoying one of the best feelings and sites that I personally have yet to top. The return into the Salt Lake Valley after a good 800 mile punch!


Tour of the Beast. Leg 1

The best part about parking my bike at the airport is knowing that I don't have a stupid boardbag to deal with. All I have is a skate and maybe a backpack with a change of clothes, and since the instagram bomb hit, my computer can stay home too!

Tour of the Beast.. First stop SD to meet up with Jp and the Frog, do the rounds and then end up at Bear Mtn for Hot Dawgs and handrails. After that a 6am flight back to SLC to hop on my bike and rip solo straight to Lake Powell for some family fun. I'll try to keep the updates Rollin.


Night Riders

I drove to MM tonight so I was able to get some sweet glamours of Jer, Stone, and Teen Wolf.


That's right, don't pay attention to Brooks sweet flyer because he made it yesterday. So it's today, not tomorrow. I know everyone has off work.


Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts

The product of our latest efforts. Good ups Jones, you are a true Beast!

Have an awesome Labor Day!