In June of 2009 four friends got to talking about how most moto sites are far and few between that contain unique subject matter. Everything was regurgitated images, scanned in easy rider pages, or direct knock offs of something that everyone else was doing. The four pack decided it was time to start something original that was of the road less traveled. At Bolts Action, what you see is what you get. Raw, Original, and No Bullshit content that is provided by one of the four founders. Mainly bike centric, you will find a sprinkling of; Skate, Snow, Friends, and Photography. Thanks for stopping in.


Jermosno said...

Bolts Crew...
I need some help and know that your influence is great within the 801 motorcycle family.

I have ridden with some of you a few times (yellostone '12) and have been to moto-mondays a handfull of times...i guess that makes me not much more than a spectator. That said I am hoping that you will consider doing a solid for a fellow rider:
Last month while riding roller coaster road in Tuscon with his girl, my cousin was hit head on by a diabetic woman who passed out and crossed into their lane. Dan's left leg was torn off above the knee and his arm completely shattered (they estimate that about 3" of bone was left on the road that day). His girl suffered multiple injuries as well. A broken femur, pelvis etc. Upon being discharged from the hospital he found himself unemployed and uninsured. As if this weren't enough, he is now trying to work his way through the clusterf*%ck that is our health care system. He is a brother in need. I am wondering if you would mind posting the following link and spreading the word as much as possible. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hobbs said...

Jermosno, email us your contact info. boltsaction at the gmail.