Welcome to the fleet

All of the contributors to this site are avid photographers, hell Stone does the shit for a living. But what I mean when I say "All" is everyone but me. I am like the little engine that could, I'll try and try but my shit always comes up short. Hopefully this new addition to my repertoire will help in speeding up my learning curve. Welcome G11. Stone, Seth, and Jer are all members of the "G" family but as Stone would put it "That's just my toy camera". Hopefully my toy camera will help in the process of getting legit content for you to enjoy.

New Propaganda

If there is anyone out there who wants to fly the Bolts Flag then please email your contact info to boltsaction@gmail.com and we will get you squared away with some stickers and buttons. Thanks for everyones support.


Another fan --- Bolts sticker, right out front. Thanks, Davin... feed this girl some Slayer.


When I was a young buck all I wanted was a dirt bike. I must of drawn the Honda CR80 five hundred times over in school just day dreaming what it would be like to own one. Only the "Rich Kids" at the time had em and I was the "Broke Dick" dreamer kid who always lived in an apartment that changed every six months. I came to grips with the fact that I couldn't get my hands on one so I latched onto the next best thing, BMX. I think a lot of people that check this site have had there hand in BMX at one point or another. It was so much fun, probably more fun that owning a dirt bike because I had so many more homies that could afford BMX race.

Here are a few shots I came across the other day from my last racing days. I will try and dig up some earlier photos. Good times though for sure. Makes me really appreciate the fact that I have a motorcycle(s) now and have just as much fun with my crew as I did when I was 13.


Mark Your Calendars

cause the Biltwell boys have put together what looks to be one helluva good time. Mexico and motorcycles is always a great combo. Check the flyer or stayed tuned to this link.

Backyard Find

My Dad's best friend had this bad boy up at his cabin in the good ol ATC days. Somehow it has made its way to my parents side yard and it almost made it back to UT with me after Christmas but my Dad was getting a little emotional about me taking it. Next trip I guess.


Merry Christmas, mofucka's.

* * * * *
For those of you still wondering what to get me, don't stress it -- I'm good. But my FXR sure would love a garage.


* * * * *
Jeremy, So-Cal burnout, used in the Anon dealer catalog. Summer's barely gone, and it can't come soon enough.



If you're lucky, you'll get some.

Been Holdin'.

* * * * *
Been sittin' on this gem for a while... not sure why I've kept it on the DL, though.
N.O.S., never seen gas, scored it from Jeff Coffman for a song. Not sure where it'll end up, but I like to think that there's a Shove in my not-so-distant future.


Gold On 99 West.

A while back, Tonino hit us with a single teaser shot from some mystery spot full of vintage American wonder. I stumbled across this same gold mine while fleeing Portland for the Lincoln City Beach. Get into it - so much good shit.

... and finally, the legendary 45 Magnum, hiding like a Sasquatch in the woods.


New Ink

Been a little slow around these parts for a minute. I have been slammed with work, Jer & Seth have been filming, and Stone is smoking Cigarettes. Going to try and ride the bike tomorrow now that most of the snow if off the streets. In the mean time check out the newest piece of flair. This is a Nixon window that I had produced for Milosport in SLC. The picture of Jer was taken by non other than Mr. Steven Stone on one of our many trips to SoCal this past summer. Stoked on how it turned out and extra stoked that the Bolts sticker on his helmet was highly visible in all the ad's Nixon has been running.

Back to work now.



Yes I am guilty of blog poaching this shot from 4Q, however awesome photos like this just need to be seen. Its without question that Stone and Landman have my back on this one.


First Monday of the month...

is what we like to call Moto Mondays at Este Pizzeria in downtown SLC.

Its been snowing the past few days in SLC but that didnt stop the diehards. I was pretty surprised that seven people roughed the frigid weather and rode down for some pizza. This was the first go round and I think its going to get epic by the time Spring comes around. In the mean time its looking like riding in the snow is the only option.

Moto Mondays from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

Obey x LMC

They boys over at Obey put their little hands to work and did a number on this Knucklehead from Loser Machine. ill


Sturgis: The Full Edit

So its been four months since we went to Sturgis and its taken me that whole amount of time to stop being so lazy and get some of the footage together to get the story told. I want to warn you up front that you might want to make some popcorn before you watch this thing since its sixteen minutes long. I also need to add that I had only intended to do a little narration to lay down a basic foundation but found myself talking through the whole thing. So I would recommend throwing on stairway to heaven for two full go-rounds if you don't want to hear my screechy pre-pubescent voice for 960 seconds.

I will say that I got really stoked watching and editing all of my shitty footage from this trip. I cannot wait till Spring when we can start logging in some solid trips again. I would like to apologize in advance if you get sick from watching this. Our Bolts camera repertoire has gotten much better since this was filmed.

Sturgis: The Full Edit from Bolts Action on Vimeo.


Radio Flyer: Rat Rod Edition

I was out in Phoenix at the Good Guys car show a few weeks ago. Some sweet rides and chops out there for sure. There was one thing that caught me off guard, the most bitchin wagons I had ever seen.....and by wagon's I mean the Radio Flyer. Check out this hacked up piece of history. If any of you readers have a youngster that isn't quite at the balance level for a small motorcycle then I highly suggested you spend a few hours out in the garage fabbing up one of these bad boys. Or better yet, if you dont have "said kid", this will make a sweet storage container on wheels for all of your swap meet purchases.


Moto Mondays

As you all know the Bolts Action HQ is located in SLC. Wintertime for us means work, snow, and less riding the steel horses than normal. However, we are on a mission to increase the amount of homies out on their bikes when its cold. A few diehards have put together "Moto Mondays". Pretty simple premise: Everyone meets up on their bikes for the best pizza in SLC the first Monday of every month. So get out this Monday and meet up with us for some slices, shop talk, and burnouts. See you there, everyone is welcome.