The "F The IRS" Blowout Sale.

For sale...

Being an independent contractor, freelance, or self employed is for the birds. Uncle Sam hates ambition, and he proves it by taxing the shit out of people who choose not to punch a timeclock.
I hate timeclocks, so I owe. I've owed for a while, actually, but I gotta pay the piper. So, since my 2005 Yamaha wr450f sees the least amount of ride time, it's gotta go.
This thing is PRIMO. I've only had it out a few times this summer, I only had time for a few jams last summer, and it was damn near brand new when I bought it... so it's pretty pristine.
DR.D exhaust, Excel wheels, and a few other minor goodies. For the most part, it's fully unmolested. Tires have about 8 hours on 'em. Fork seals are brand new, and the front end is fresh as fresh. With the exception of one bad decision regarding shitty neck bearings, I'm pretty much a maintenance geek, and I don't ride sketchy shit. This thing is fully up to my standards.
It's wicked fast as it sits, but I haven't even pulled the smog shit yet... lots of uncorking to do still. It'll be scary as shit once you take care of that.
The Wr450's only weigh about 15 pounds more than the 250's, so they handle great. And they've got power for daze. Basically, whatever you point this bitch at and commit to, you'll get over it... this thing is GREAT for gnarly single track shit. If you can take it, this can, too.

I'm asking $3,800 OBO.

Or, since the weather's turning to shit and I still haven't bought a car, I'll consider trades for early-to-mid 90's Toyota pickups, extended cab only, 4wd/5spd/V6, in decent shape. I don't waste my time working on 4 wheeled vehicles, because they're not nearly as fun... so it needs to be a runner.
Thanks, y'all. I'll have some random bagger parts up for sale in the next few days, too.

If you're interested, hit me up. All my contact info is posted on the "contact" page here... but you've gotta go there to get it, that way the spambots don't get me.

Cuatro, Cinco, Seis.

Motoguru isn't slackin'... but I'm gonna start stockpiling and doing bi-weekly updates. I'm impressed he's kept it up this long.


South of the Border

Embarking on another Bolts Action Adventure next week. I asked stone to make me a flyer and his sarcastic ass sent me this and managed to miss spell my hometown(I love you Stone). Obviously that wont work so if your interested in going, or meeting up with us a long the way, drop a comment.
Here is a loose itinerary

November 5th: SLC to Phoenix, Straight through to see Lucero at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

November 6th: Ride out from Phoenix and head south of the border to Puerto Penasco Mexico(about 170 miles from Phoenix).

November 7th: Wake up in the morning, practice some epic flat track turns, pet some goats, buy some chicklets from little mexican girls, then head back up north towards Phoenix. Roll up to the Loser Machine booth at the Dice Issue release party and share some epic stories with fellow road warriors. Enjoy the evening and get a solid nights rest.

November 8th: Phoenix Day

November 9th: Start heading back to SLC, either blazing all the way back, or separating the day in Vegas.

Violets New Home

Left on Monday morning bright and early to ride Violet out to Sunny Southern California to deliver to her new owner. It was going to be a 700 mile day so I was on the pavement before the sun was out. Bad decision on my part. When I left it was a brisk 30 degrees and as I got further south it turned to a frigid 25. Not Rad. Compression gloves, hand warmers, and thick leather gloves, still numb as eff. I spent about 3 hours that day in gas stations, warming up and waiting for the sun to start blasting some heat rays. Once I hit Fillmore things started to turn around. That is until I got to Cedar City and realized that my license plate and tail light decided they wanted to take their own trip down I-15 somewhere within that hundred mile stretch. I think the bracket snapped because I cut a ton of material out on the mounting surface to allow it to clear the shocks. So there I sit, at a gas station in Cedar with no plate, tail light, registration, or proof of insurance. No worries right? Only like 500 more miles to go. No choice but to keep blazing. About 40 miles out of Mesquite Nevada the ol Highway Patrol rolls past me and continues on a few miles down the road. I think I am in the clear, until I see him waiting for me on the shoulder. As soon as I get an inch ahead of him his lights are on. Pulled over, told him my epic situation and gave him what little info I had about the previous owner and bikes registration status. After some sweet talking and about 30 minutes on the side of the road and I was back on the highway and paranoid for the next 8 hours. I rigged up a running light in Vegas and just powered to Palm Springs. Made it from A to B in a total of 14 hours and my ass was only a tad bit sore.

She's a runner, thats for sure. Her new home will come with great treatment, lots of logged miles. Sad to see her go.

Pipe Extensions

Prep- Cut, and Clean

I shot a "How To" last night with Andy, Ill post it when I cut it up!


DB Frame No Mo!

Im making it official today, after some press I read. It seems that DB is going to go super duper "big money" status. So this has helped me pull the trigger on stripping down The Patriot, I have toyed with the idea lately, but now its done and final.

Interested in buyin' the frame hit me up on the comments, Yo!

Ready For Powder.

* * * * *
6 hours hunched over Sean's leprechaun sized blast cabinet. Previously hideous, pitted aluminum and chrome is all clean and ready for some gloss black pow. Stoked.

Day 3.

For today's split custody appeasement, Motoguru hooked me up with a cold one. Quit wasting your money on low displacement Jap scoots and go buy some mustard, Davin. And maybe a little 409.


Day 2.

Motoguru comes through for Day 2 of Project "Pretend I Own It". He even went so far as to tag the text so I didn't have to. I love this tank... it makes me think of all that is right with the world.


Gettin' All Sentimental.

* * * * *
I was just diggin' through some old hard drives to build an archive of images for Sean's new web dudes (hopefully this means an actual Grim site after years of nothin', but more on that later). I came across this shot. This was my first fully built scoot, and I'll never ride it like this again... makes me kinda sad. Sean, Brian, Some, Jared and I (very little emphasis on that "I", as I mostly drank their beer) tore into this thing, fresh off the showroom floor, back in 02. It took a year of late Wednesday nights to get it done. It saw a lot of road time until one night I got stupid drunk and decided to go late-night rally it instead of easing home like I should have --- that didn't work out too well. It's been down for a little over 2 years now, and it's comin' back together, slowly but surely. I dig it's new direction even better than how it sat here, but it sucks to see all that love that all those homies put into it for me gone by the wayside. Bikes are kinda like tattoos in the fact that they can only happen the way they do the one time... you can't really replicate them. You can try, but the shit will never be the same. So props to all the homies that helped this thing see it's first incarnation, and props to all the homies inspiring and helping on round 2. The Bat'll be seein' y'all come spring, that's for damn sure.

How Long...

* * * * *
Motoguru wouldn't sell me this tank, even after I offered him the entire contents of my checking account (wasn't much). It's pretty much the most amazing tank ever -- I wouldn't have sold it either. So, I made him promise me he'd send me a photo of it every day, for the rest of all time and eternity. Here's day one... let's see how long he can keep 'em comin'.

En route to Palm Springs

A tad bit on the chilly side. Talk about range of temperature. It's 32
as I am leaving and will be about 95 when I get there.


Valient Thorr at the Viper Room

Lemmy was there..Earlyman opened..nice to bang the head around..been awhile..

Scene Check: NYC.

* * * * *
So, I was in NYC the latter part of last week and through the weekend for HD's "Art Of Rebellion" show. But, to be honest, I really didn't see much of a bike scene while I was there. It was rainy, so I'll cut y'all some slack. But I was still a little unimpressed...
The bike above was the most exciting whip I saw during my 4 days --- scope those high shouldered wheels! I don't know enough about 'em to say if these are Akront's or not... anybody? Either way, they're good lookin'. Good thing this cat chained that bitch up, though, because I also ran across a few of New York's Finest about 10 minutes later. If your scoot gets mobbed, I've got a feeling these geniuses will be the gumshoes hot on it's trail... so lock 'em up, New York.

* * * * *


Cafe de Carlino

Stopped in at TWS today... heres a few snaps of Joe's cafe... '75 CB 550.. bolts!


Violet Status: 99% there

Made a ton of progress last night on Violet. Went over to Pangea and banged some shit out. Pipes are finished and looking dope.

Andy, working his magic on the Pipes

Mids bitches



Hobbs, Film This!

I am gonna try and mix 2 totally different types of footage for this next edit, so it might be a minute before it's up. So here is a Hobbs Teaser I cut for the meantime!

AF Rnd 2

Here is a couple screen grabs from some of the footage we shot today. Edit coming soon!


As Requested......

Cam cover chop

Violets Needs Her Pipes Cleaned

Tonight was the start of Violets exhaust project. Luckily, Andy was down to come over and help out(pretty much do everything). Got the tubes mocked up and ready for final welds. Hopefully we can get that hammered out over the weekend. Im pretty amped on the simplicity of these pipes. Let the comments begin.

I wanted to run this steez but figured someone might trip on them.



New York Represent.

* * * * *
This'll be my last time in front of a computer for the next 5 days, so this is my last chance to remind y'all:
Fuckin' be there.

New York City, I'll see you in a few hours.

(More here, and the last invasion here.)