Now Im not going to say anything negative about the S&S AC. I 100% believe in this part, it functions PERFECT and will keep my bike going in rain and snow for a much longer period than I.
However this BCM AC I got yesterday is such a rad part, it's gorgeous , small and very functional! Hyped to see what it can handle.


Im Just Saying

The stapled to the wall version of a couple of Steven's prints. When they are gone they are gone!


Steven Stone "Not Art" Prints

In Stone's words not mine, "These are not art. They are for the non-pretentious, non-exclusive, working man."

I think they are art, I think they are sweet, I think they look rad anywhere. But it doesn't matter what I think.

Click on each image below to order for your shack, garage, apartment, bathroom, dog house, home, etc. All of these are one of one prints. Own a piece of totally BOSS shit. As Stone would say, "These are all BOSS, and no Jagger."

Small Business Saturday

American Express started a movement last year called Small Business Saturday. They are doing a great job putting marketing dollars into their campaign this year to boost the economy through the support of small businesses. So instead of watching people stomp each others faces off at Walmart, just to get a deal on some Tickle Me Elmo's, we would like to encourage you to support the people that are running their own businesses, working there everyday without some crazy money in the bank, just trying to live the American dream. Starting at Midnight tonight, and going for 24 hours, we will be running 20% off everything in our online store. In addition to that, we will be throwing in a Gratis hand numbered limited edition item for the first 100 orders as our way of saying "Thanks for the support". Just enter the code "SBS" at checkout and click update total to reflect your discount.

I know I'm going to go spend some LOCAL dollars tomorrow and we encourage you to do the same. Below are some links to friends of ours that are running a one, or two, man show just trying to keep the fire alive. Give them a look:


Happy Thanksgiving

One thing on my list of items to be thankful for....everyone that follows BOLTS. Thank you for all of the support, we really appreciate it. Enjoy your holiday. Hopefully everyone is not working and doing something they love today.


Dice Magazine Blog

Rad photo I stole from DiCE blog of our bikes out front of Jakes before heading to the DiCE party.


Two Sober Bikes

Only one hung over owner. Thanks to Bob for letting everyone keep their bikes at the Garage last night so no one had to ride drunk. Keepin it safe.


Is now in the building. Click over to the right to buy yours now --------------->

Dice Magazine/Steven Stone Book Release Party @ The Garage

WOW! What a great turn out!! Thank you Utah scene, ya'll made this event better than excpected! Packed house, line out the door in the cold, close to 50 bikes rode in, some from deep in the cut of Utah, Raid drove down from Idaho to play and murked, Gods Revolver played a killer set, the food was great @ The Garage, Stone was drunk in 2 and a half seconds of delivering his books, which look insane! I can't thank the scene and anyone that put in effort to make this happen enough! Hollywood grinded to get this dialed, Dice folks... Thank You!! Utah loves you and it was a privilege for us to host such a rad evening!

Graves was hyped on the mild 30 degree temps.

On arrival
Go time!
The boys that make this all happen (Justina "the boss" grinds) these are the pretty faces
Dean calling out Elvis!
Stone delivering and Hollywood running merch
Raid! thanks Farmboys for making the trek!!
Tru Dat!

Gods Revolver closed the evening with a solid set! thank you boys!
Dice, looking forward to our next colabo.

They're almost gone....




Snow has stopped falling from the skies, riding for sure tonight. We have also added RAID to the bill from Boise ID. The "Get Right" book is finished and we will have them for sale tonight along with the rest of our merch. Any books leftover will be up in the store tomorrow morning. Hope to see everyone there. As the english would say, "Its going to be mental!"