Merry Christmas To Me.

New Stompers for the Shred Sled Turbotron 3000. Ready for the next massive dump...


Japan Mem-waaaaaah's

I always hated going to Japan, it involved work and the same sites that weren't that interesting to me. This year I went with a different game plan as well as outlook and hooked up with Mochi, who showed the Illness that Japan can offer. See ya soon Mochi!! Looks like mid Febuary, Im ready for a cold jam! I hope you are!



37 degrees-
Christmas Eve-
80% dry roads-
Working tail bone-

Who wouldn't??


For those who like to flex their interweb muscle by networking, socially: HD's Dark Customs is giving the Bolts crew a little love on their Facebutt page. Over the past week they've dropped 3 mini-galleries, featuring intakes and outtakes from my upcoming books, still in the works. If you want a sneak peak, check 'em out HERE, HERE and HERE. Make some virtual noise, dawgs.


Some Serious 8 Mile Shit.

You ever throw one of those parties where some young dude shows up, opens every beer in the fridge but sets 'em down, mostly full, all over your house before grabbing another, still manages to puke on your shoes then spends the next 5 hours trying to win your approval by telling you about the time his dad raised a 275 pound tarantula that he ended up feeding to his Megashark?
Yeah... this wasn't one of those. In fact, I have no idea what I'm talking about. It's been a really long minute now.
Davin is our Detroit homie... he came, he saw, he crushed it. Here's what he had to say about his adventures in The Greatest City On Earth.
Davin, stoked to meet you, homie! Get your ass back out here, I wanna puke on your shoes.


Free People Catalog

If any of you readers have a hot, stylish, twenty something lady, then chances are they shop at Free People(a division of Urban Outfitters). Well our own Kody Huot, Seth's brother, was blessed with genes of a lumberjack, hard jaw line etc. He is also sells his body for photo shoots, aka Male Model. A few months back he got a call that they needed a lumberjack manly man that had a bike and welcomed a few others along if they were interested. So he called up his brother and another compadre, Buzz, and headed out to the desert near Lake Powell. The catalog was just dropped and below are a few of the images of some females all over Seth's quiver of bikes. In Seth's words, "They really gayed up my sporty".


Hey, Andy!

Your mail showed up at my house again... this time, from The Great Down Under. You're international, hombre.


The Reservists.

If The Unit is the Marine Corps while on their grizzly, I like to think of us as being the National Guard, keepin' shit on lock on the homefront... one weekend a month, two weeks a year (that's way too true).
The good news, though, is we don't have to keep our shit down low --- you get yesterday's hits, today.

Brock, method on the Hollywood Hip.

Sarah and Brock. Ms. Wong can throw a mean distractive block --- thanks.


Hobbs scope/drop on a no-speed pillow-to-pillow.

Brockers. I wanted to make up some sort of Brockake-comment about Brock and bukake... but that shit just ain't my bag.



Mr. Harris brings his own cheerleaders to Hollywood Hip.

The Prospect, prospecting.

Hollywood on Hollywood.

My little shred, Purple Beast's big tires.

Murder the fuck out.

Greatest City on Earth?

Mr. Wright, I'd have sent this your way... but I had no rattlecans or stickers in my truck. It just isn't the same without it.

Brock hooked up some new stompers. They feel like pudding on my feet. Thanks, compadre. Mucho appreciado.


I wish it was because we were lazy...

but our lack of communication via BOLTS is because all four contributors are hard at work right now. Jer and Seth are out on the grind filming for their Real Snow Parts, Stone is in the midst of a brand identity change, and I have been soaking up the rays in Cabo. Not really, but no one wants to hear about my job. Either way, I figure that everyone would enjoy this amazing photo of Stever in his primary color outerwear when I took him up to Brighton last week, lucky dog.

Sidenote: If you click on the photo to enlarge, it should smell like cigarettes.

So, if you are a BOLTS regular, and like this layout, then you will more than likely be interested in the below links that document all things non-motorcycle in our lives.




Obviously Im kidding. The way I see it, anything you post on the intro-web is up for grabs really. Im actually pretty stoked that my phone photo of my scoot got yanked and turned into a painting! Not sure who these guys are but after they stole my pic I stole it back from here.


December 7th, 2010.

Shit goddamn, it's fucking gorgeous out. If you haven't gotten on your jam today, you're fucking blowing it.


Moto Monday just turned one... that's 13 Mondays down now.
The one year anniversary had a little somethin' for everyone --- knives, cakes, dogs, beer, 'za, tuxedo shirts, motorcycles, suits, and more. I bought it a dozen balloons and a pet pony, but I was mugged by glue-huffers on the way up. Maybe next year, MM.

Thanks to the Short Fuse kids for gettin' this shit goin' and keepin' it alive, and thanks to Este for hosting us. It's rad to have an excuse to down good 'za, drink a few beers and talk some shit. If you've never made it out, get off your ass and do it.