Bumpin' The Guns.

Sorry, Jer. But I don't wanna be accused of missing another golden opportunity to show some Rookie Love...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Alex Andrews. AKA Lipstick, AKA Rookie... a bolts family ripper.

Bikes and Guns Warm Up Edit


Bikes and Guns warm up

Peep the shells flying in a rainbow over Seths head, so dope!!

Had a good session with Seth and Chris yesterday pre "bikes and guns" jam that will take place next weekend with all the boys, except me (insert picture of gun to my head here)! Super good time though, I have some pretty cool footage ill cut up and post for tomorrow hopefully, so come back and visit again.


Pangea Hanger Spot Check

Some dudes run it in a garage and some in a shed others on the front porch, right Steven? Then there are the blessed ones that get to run there crap out of an airplane hanger with all the illest tools around. Anyway we met a cool cat recently Hobbs busted a shameless homie plug a little bit back, so scroll for a minute if ya missed it. Andy cracks off some sweet pieces and is simply just down to rip and build something that you wont see every were you turn. Mellow fellow with an ill set up!
Pangea Speed... another Utah Jem!


Alright, y'all.
Insurance just paid up. I've got cash in hand, I need an FXR.
93/94 is preferred, but anything 87 or newer with the forward shock mounts will make it into the running. I prefer it as close to stock as possible... nothin' fucked up. I wanna do that myself. I don't need a project... I already have several of those. I need a runner. Dual discs with mags are preferred, but again, I'm flexible if the price is right.
If you know of something, LET ME KNOW. I'm lookin' to move on this as soon as possible...
If it's within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, that'd be rad. But, I don't mind runnin' out to Northern Cal, Phoenix, Denver, Vegas, Reno... whatever. And if I have to ship, I will.
But I need a SOLID FXR. If you know of somethin', hit me up. stone at blacklistvisual dot com.
Thanks, monsters.


Sorry Stone

Didn't mean to bust into your Ill seat job, but You saw these and the smiles that this kid is throwin' down deserved some Blog Love. Rookie was out with Stone for the past 6 weeks due to a collar bone break. This was his day back bringing his bike back home and straight into the shop for some more chopping.

Stone quote of Above photos, was-

"Oh, come on, Rookie...
I thought we could maybe start some sort of "Non-Bike-Havin'-Bike-Guy" club.
Now you've gone and blown your chances at membership... looks like this awesome club of awesome awesomeness is exclusive to me."

Steven Stone

Time VS. Money.

I have little of either, but decided to waste the first. This chunk of leather has been sitting on my porch for a while, because that's where I store stuff --- please don't rob me. Anyway... pretty easy shit. Just takes a little time. It's no Pascal, but it'll hold my ass on. Maybe we'll bring the Riff Raff in for the next one... if I come into some money. Still needs a little work around the edges, but I needed it to dry out completely before I can sand the edge well... should be 100% by tomorrow.


Brown Town

Went Downtown and got a little shaky last night. Brown ripping around Black Betty.


Exhaust Final




Went over to H&H today. Seth and I cut up the exhaust and ended up
with this. A little paint and wrap, and voilĂ . Thanks to everyone who dropped a comment, it helped immensely.

I think Im out....you tell me

Last week I got a wild hair and decided to try a new carb and exhaust combo just to see how much power I could gain back. Well after two nights in the garage I got it all dialed in. I've only ridden it a few miles this morning so its not completely tuned in but its running good. The new setup is an S&S Super E and a Thunder header, definitely a different feel, noticeably more pep through the power band. Here is my hang up though, I absolutely hate the way it looks. The previous exhaust was so short that it kept the bike very "Airy". Now I feel like I have a damn trailer on the back. As of this moment I am pretty sure I am going back to my previous setup cause I just cant get over the aesthetics of it. If for some odd ball reason I decide to keep the Thunder on then I will cut off the collector and kick it up at a 30-45 Degree angle, parallel with the rear triangle of the frame.

Looking for some feedback, hit me with your best shot.




East Canyon Edit

We had the most RAD jam yesterday, trickery upon trickery. Rouser I hang5'd through a turn for ya, but we lost the footage, haha how cliche' is that? We had many of SLC's crews joined it was cool, Pangea Speed, The BoltsAction Crew, SFK992 kids, GravediggersChoppers, and our token hippie, hence the wackytabbacky soundtrack to the edit. Anyway enjoy!! Even losing the last half of the days footage it still turned out alright.


Random Pic's

From the Most awesome ride this afternoon, shot mostly video today but had to grab a couple snaps on one of the 'side of the road laugh attacks'!


Perks of the Job

I got blessed with a me +2 to the latest Flip Skateboards video premiere....Joe, Simon, Pierre, Brad and myself pinned it from SD to Anaheim just in time to make the show....Absolutely Bonkers!

Rowley, Lance Mountain, and Bowman with the short sweet intoduction.
Everything and more........

"This is how we do it"

Red Light Burnout from Bolts Action on Vimeo.

BB Profile

Black Beauty's Inaguration

We had Chris' sporty 99% percent road worthy about 3 days before we
left for Sturgis but then ran into a snag somewhere in the ignition/
wiring, that's when Chris decided to run his Dad's softail on the trip
instead of rushing and having something fail on us. Since we got back
he has been super busy doing shit around the house preparing for
little one number trece. It's been really bugging me that he hasn't
had a whip to ride so I went over there tonight for about 5 hours to
button this thing up and get it road worthy. Here is a shot just
before Chris went to start her up, he even has my Razorback BMX helmet
on from 98, Awesome! Finally, the remaing bike in the duo of "Bikes
that took all winter and summer to complete" are finished, just in
time for winter. Let's tear up some street Brown!!!



For the last 9 years or so I have been going to ASR in San Diego. As the economy has been tested and our industry cleansed I see less brands there and less new brands popping up. This past week while I was there I saw a very random brand in attendance that I was unsure of what they were trying to market. RSD makes a bunch of bolt on billet shit for tons of bikes, if you want my opinion i'm not really that into them. However this dude gets street cred in my book because he is down to jump street bikes on dirt rollers, see that action here. He also has a tendency to built some custom bikes that catch my eye. This Ducati was one of them. Its definitely the little details that make this bad boy stand out. I love the FMF pipe on this thing.


Yup, another one

And probably not even close to the last one. Seth and I had a few minutes this morning and shredded a few turns, kicked up a little smoke and caught some waves... as usual! You might be bored of it, but it's cause you aint doin' it. Enjoy, our devoted followers! And Thank You!


Awesome Striper

Not to be confused with Stippers, or maybe it could be.

I met Pacman about two years ago while he was frequenting the Foundry compound on a daily basis. He has since moved back to Sunny California full time to pursue his art degree. Hands down he lays some of the dopest stripes I have ever seen. He did the three of our helmets at last years SOW and we were all very pleased with the outcome. I checked out his site today and came across this ill tank he just finished. A true testament to how clean his work is. I suggest you hit him up if you have any stripe needs. He is also very fair when it comes to pricing. Hit him up here and give him some biz.

On a side note, he lays some mean ass mini bike burnouts.

Classifieds: 98 883 Street Tracker

The boys at Foundry hit me up today about this sweet little moto. Its a 98 Sporty, stock 883 with Supertrapp Exhaust and fiberglass flat tracker kit, also has a clear title. They are only asking 3K for this bad boy. I would bite on this in a heartbeat if I had the extra cash. If any one is interested hit me up in the comments section and I can get you in touch.



Woke up early and took a chilly "been outta town for the last few days and can't wait to ride my bike again" run up BCC.

New thing to play with

Maiden Voyage with this little camera thingy. Gonna log massive clips with this baby, super fun!!
Broke broke down in my driveway on his newlyold whip that he just got on the road last week. Bike is sick by the way! Got it rollin again and busted out some more clips following him home. New bike New Cam! Super Duper Fun!