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Up next......proper saddle.

Last Night in Utah County...

Despite bouts with rain and a visit from the cutest cops in town, God's Revolver still killed it, yet again, at last night's annual End Of Summer BBQ. Damn fine times, you wish you were there. Only one ambulance ride outta this party that I'm aware of... good stats. I know I say it every time, but goddamn I love these kids.


This one time....

an exhaust stud on the Buell decided to break on our way to the Salt Flats. Which in turn kept my stress level in the red zone, there and back, cause the header was jumping around like a Mexican Bean. My boy Dave laced it up for me today, after trying a few times with a TIG it ended up being the trusty MIG that laid down a strong enough weld to get it out. Freaking Stupido shit to deal with.



128 Miles

Last weekend on shit that I wouldn't even consider a trail. What a blast. I feel like I'm honing in my trail skillset.


1 Bolts dudes Review

Chop Cult ran a rad article on the top 10 bikes that generated the most talk, hate, love ect... And a couple friends of BoltsAction came sailing into the headlining list of magic machines that not only ride like beasts but get people heated on what they believe in the perfect machine.
In my opinion, there is no perfect machine or "right" way for a machine to be, well, it should run sound and be able to take a beat down. I absolutely am in Love with Pangea Speeds Zion Express, everything about this bike and what went into it is amazing to me! Well deserved spot on the list Andy. Rouser's TFL3 is a straight hammer, Im a sporty guy, so I love a rugged sporty thats ready for a beat down, and Rob displays this perfectly with his TFL3. Hats of to you boys!! Im honored to know you and grateful for the knowledge you share with me. Keep making magic!


Finally running...

After a few months of more important responsibilities I finally had a minute to bring this beast back to life! Hyped! Dirt biking at it's worst coming soon!


It was not our intention to start this site to house reviews or influence people to buy certain products. However, when something outperforms or exceeds my expectations I find it my duty to let you all know. Lets be honest, how many times do you buy something that's sub par or less than what you expected? All the time for me. Its especially magnified when said item is over the $100 mark. The reason I am bringing this up is because I've recently been struck with a product that has made me an advocate. The Biltwell Banana Seat. I got this seat about three months ago and I only got it for my bike to see if it was more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing than my homemade and self upholstered seat pan that I had been running for about three years. When I first put it on my bike I was seriously not stoked at its look. For whatever reason I thought it took away a significant piece of the sporty silhouette. But, I fought the urge to immediately remove it, figured I would try it for at least a week. Well 90 days and over 6,000 miles logged on it now and its here to stay. It fits perfectly, I love the way it looks now, and the best part is that is actually comfortable. I did a 750 mile stretch in one day last month and my ass was only slightly tweaked when I got off, and it didn't hurt the next day. That right there is worth the price of admission. So for anyone wondering how it looks, how it works, or how comfortable it is, now you know. Props to Biltwell for making a very functional item that in my opinion is worth every penny(especially since its very affordable compared to everything else out there).

For a select few


YO hit up Nick if you need some really good die cuts done!
Thanks homie these are beautiful.

*** Nick has had a few e-mails from folks wanting to buy these actual stickers. Please only hit Nick up if you would like to have him do your blogs logo or company logo in the die cut format of a sticker. He is very good at it and his prices are fair. Again sorry for the confusion Please do not contact him in search of the Bolts Die cuts***



Friday night was the opening of Steven Stone's gallery at FICE here in downtown SLC. Tons of people showed up to see a few chosen selects up the wall. Also, the infamous Gods Revolver played outback below the stars and running their whole setup on one extension chord. It was an amazing evening.

I took photos of some of the prints, but not all. By the time I left half of them were sold. If you are interested in seeing what's left to purchase hit up Stone directly or leave a comment below on this post and he'll get back to you. It's rare that these photos see the light of day, so seize the moment and own a masterpiece!