Fuckin' Hipster Shit.

I just found a dump-ass grocery store down the street that'll run my last decade's worth of forgotten 35mm rolls for $4 a pop. I've got hundreds of abandoned rolls, so it's still gonna be a significant bill when all is said and done, but here's some long-since forgotten randos. More to come. I generally only shoot point and shoot film when I'm too drunk to handle real cameras... it should be good.

DIfferent Strokes For DIfferent Folks



In light of the countless cumulative hours spent on 110 degree roadsides this weekend, our boy Sean "Teen Wolf" Jordan is offering a ragin' kegger of a deal and extending his long, hairy, half-man-hand, half-wolf's-paw of love...

From Sean:

"Have you recently been on a long, hot ride and had battery failure in the middle of nowhere? Have you had starting issues? Did you have to put your battery on the charger every night/gas stop?

Well, then perhaps you have a shitty battery.

You know... the Wal-Mart, cheapskate specials 'cause you'd rather save $30 today than get where you're going tomorrow?

Well, here's a no-brainer: DEKA. $80 bucks through July, just mention BOLTS. Starts every time, heat or snow.

BUT... if you actually like to fuck around in the middle of nowhere, you probably shouldn't get one of these."

And there you have it. Need a howling good battery? I know at least 6 of you who do... Hit Sean up.


Leaving the Draggin becomes the first mistake of many to follow!
But they'll always come back!

Teen Wolf

... Doubles as a killer mechanic/bikebuilder!


As Seth would say....

"This pretty much sums up Born Free" in reference to being 80 miles away from all of us getting home and Seth breaking down due to his battery being smoked. That brings our group up to a total of 6 batteries that had to be replaced in the past 90 hours.

Graves: Fixin'

Vegas: 11:24pm


And then there was 3

Brats on the camp fire. Went from 17 to 3 people in a matter of two hours.


That's who we need to get sponsored by cause we're eating up batteries like candy. We've made it 250 miles with only around 7 bike issues. No bigs, part of the fun and so far we have only had to buy one trailer. We'll be hanging out in Panguitch for another hour or two at the Silver Eagle. If anyone has two voltage regulators, two batteries, and a clutch cable for a late model sporty please drive on over and make our day.

We just doubled!

Shipping Department is on leave

If you ordered something but haven't seen a shipping confirm yet, then your stuff will go out when we are back from BFIII on Monday. We'll throw in some extras for the wait. If you are at the show and see us, introduce your self and ask for some stickers.

Born Free starts today

Waiting for the crew



I would say that my kit when I'm on a bike trip is pretty minimal, not as minimal as others I know, but everything I take serves a purpose. One thing I like to think I DONT skimp on is camping gear. Getting a lightweight, compact, and functional setup is the ultimate goal. I guess you could say I'm a gear nerd. Our boys up in the Northwest are the same way and they felt that there was a void in the marketplace that needed to be filled with proper camp shit. Kharma and Benji have come up with a brand that encompasses everything that we enjoy and built equipment around that. POLER makes camping feel proper. They have been patiently waiting to get gear in their store and it has now finally arrived. The first main attraction is their one man tent. I am super psyched to log some ZZZZZ's in this bad boy on the way to BF3. I highly recommend you check it out here. They are running a special on it as well for a limited time, you not only get a discount on the tent but also a free sleeping pad and shipping. Doesn't get much better than that! Support the peeps that support our scene and are keeping it real.