Knife Review

Im of the mindset that having too many weapons is simply not possible. So, I picked me up a new blade the other day, and she is a gorgeous piece. Hand made by the hands of Zach Wood and designed by one of my most cherished friends this Bowie is an instant lifer and will indeed be heading down the ranks of my family tree. Of course not without being heavily used and abused! No worries though made from 0-1 steel at a 58 Rockwell temp. Providing a slight bounce in the steel for stellar chopping, prying and baton work. My Bowie will handle anything I can throw at it or throw it at. Another beast added! Hyped!


Evening Canyon Rip

A little rip up the canyon with the boys last night, good times are happening and more in progress. Good weather is king!


The Mint 400.
With my friends at 801 Racing and Nitro Circus... I'll drop some highlights over the next few weeks. Not motos, but if you dig awesome, you can get into this shit.


This treat bomb is Brock Based. Mr Harris is a man of many talents and personalities. I have known "The Beez" now for quite sometime (actually I believe we just passed the 10 year mark) and still every time I see him he will continuously blow my mind. The only thing constant with Brock is nothing. By that I mean you never know what Brock you are going to get, which is the best part about him! Amazing Snowboarder, Skateboarder, Father, Inventor, Instigator, Go-Firster, Thinker. He is a man of mystery but most of all he is part of our family and a very close friend. These photos give you just a small snapshot of his natural ability. Thanks Brock for being you and providing us with endless entertainment.



We have an amazing, talented, handsome, and witty member of BOLTS that goes by Steven Stone. Sometimes he answers to; Stone, Jagger, Dickface, Lazy, Lover, Pumpkin.....I could go on. Well this fine individual takes some pretty amazing photos. However he has a little issue getting them out from his hard drive and into the open. Luckily for you I was able to finagle tons of long lost images destined to never see the light of day. So with that said I am starting a new column called "Treats of the Week". Each week I will hand select images from the bunch to post up. Sometimes it might be once a week, others...maybe more. Sometimes one image, sometimes more. Possibly a story, or maybe I'll let them speak for themselves. Regardless, I would like to thank Stone for giving me access to this gold and I hope you all enjoy them as well. With what I have this column can last for a few years, so sit back and enjoy.

Who. Tonino "The Chilean" Copene
What. The S&S and a Mexi Flea Market
Where. San Felipe Mexico
When. EDR '11
Why. This ended up being one of the funnest trips we took all last year. I had to drag Tonino literally out of his driveway to come on this trip with me. Once we left SLC we never looked back. Plagued with little issues on the S&S's shakedown trip he still managed to have a kick ass time, always smiles, and mostly with a beer in his hand. Thanks Tone for coming along and thank you Stone for capturing.

New Goods

We have some new Bolts goods starting to trickle in. These should satisfy your needs for the time being. We have some other accoutrements arriving in about a month as well. So stayed tuned. For the time being this Poster, Mizu Bottle, and stickers should hold you over. Click image to buy. Thanks everyone for the support!


Jumping on my motorbicycle and twisting my way down to the gun range to dump a couple hundred rounds into a paper silhouette while playing my own person version of Top Shot... Well, it just makes for an afternoon thats hard to beat.


On The Come Up

Two great forces are coming together on this event. I would highly recommend attending if you can.



Motorcycle-ing Practice

Myself, Tonino and Lipstick went for a little mo-mo practicing day yesterday, the weather was WAY to good to not! Tone was picking up wee- wee's and loving the new set up on his dyna, while Lipstick was on the skids and burns. It was good to get out and work out some winter kinks and stiffness on the scoots, hopefully resulting in better control and instincts when the "surprise" comes on the road.



Y'all might remember, a month or more back, our boy Sean of Grim Cycle Salvage blew his arm up. If you bought a print for the cause, you definitely remember. I've been gettin' a couple emails from folks wonderin' how homie is healin', wether or not he got his surgery, and where the hell their prints are. I'm finally back in town after a month on the road, so here's your status, kids...

1, PRINTS) Y'alls prints are in the mail. Except for the big ones --- I wasn't happy with the printing, so they're currently being re-printed by another local cat. They'll be comin' directly.

2, SEAN'S STUPID ARM) I ran by Grim yesterday to scope the scene. Sean was able to get his surgery and says thanks to all y'all fools who bought shit and donated to help a brother out. He looks like Robocop with his new bio-mechanical apparatus, but I'm sure 6th grade kids think that's pretty neat... so he's got that goin' for him. He's back to work, but havin' a hard time actually wrenching, so he's been gettin' a hand from some of the good dudes who are able to. Chris and Monsieur Bobby were hangin' out, doin' what they could. In short, thanks so much to all y'all. Sean's still got an arm, and soon it'll be back to snuff.

Huge thanks, again, to everybody who helped our homie out. I'm glad he has an arm, cause folks kinda need them shits.