BoltsAction Birthday 3rd

More photos to come of what was the "best yet" trip we have put together.  Lots of fun and adventure.  Some good surprises and amazing people and bikes.  Thanks to everyone who put in any sort of effort to help make this happen.



We leave for another epic adventure. I think we are going to try and top our "Warning Record" from last years trip pictured above. I am getting more and more stoked as the email CONFIRMS come in, we have some great people coming. 


Shameless promotion:
My friends at Zuriick are throwing a party.  It just happens to also be a show of some of the stuff we've shot over the past year.  Come hang out... these beers ain't gonna drink themselves.  Wednesday, July 18... that's tomorrow.  Downtown SLC, 8-11.


Tonino, Simon and I went for a jam.  Everything blew up... even my Canon took a shit.  But birds fly together, and we still had an amazing time --- sometimes that's just how shit goes.  My homies at WAAR just dropped a little story I shot on the backup camera... scope it HERE.


Born Free 4

There was allot going on at the show, but I was able to run into some old friends and met new friends, saw a million bikes and some of them were pretty rad!  Bolts booth was done proper and Dre ran point on up sales like a champ.  Jake met a hero of his, Landman is AWESOME and BoltsAction has allot of pride in Andy (Pangea Speed) and his build coming out of SLC!!  Super random selection of pic's no rhyme  or reason, well except for the Landman photo  Awesome!!


New Product

We restocked the art class and the pistol T's and laced up the store with some killer hats .  The Yellowstone and white T's are on sale for 10 bucks.  Pretty good reason to take a click over to the store and swoop you some new gems.  Hollywood models the Hand Drawn tank and Hat in chino's pool.


Still waiting on a few more rolls of film to come back from the lab.  God, it sounds awesome to say that... "back from the lab", like it's fuckin' CSI Miami or somethin'.  Eventually I'll probably drop a story about Simon, Tonino and I's super-fun, super-cursed jam to Born Free... but it won't be timely.  If you want to know who fucked who's girlfriend before anyone else, this is not the place.  Sorry, I was busy elsewhere... or I would have fucked all the girlfriends and there'd be some gossip worth spreading.  Like herpes.


Happy Independence Day

With Blood in the skies from the wildfires burning up the west, Seth, Chase and I ripped up the canyon for a hike and a cliff!  Screw fireworks this season!  Go swim, Go Ride, Go Skate, avoid starting a blaze.  Fly your flag!  Happy 4th.