Been trying to get out every Sunday that I can to ride some UT trails. This is a little snippet from last weekend. Amazing weather and the leaves that are changing look insane. 

PHOENIX, this weekend.

Dear People Of Phoenix:
If you like to party, then get to this event.  Saturday.
Our homies are throwin' a get together...


Phone Shots on Set

The Utah canyons offer nothing but perfection visually in the fall (year round really)!  However shredding the canyons on scooters is simply irresistible and on the top of the list of the most amazing things that I have ever done and get to in my life.  We are very lucky out here!  Im gonna say that Seth and Hollywood are 2 of my favorites to rip with also, its an honor boys, every time!


Fall Teaser Edit

Seth cut and shot a nice little fall edit of the Utah Canyons and a couple #slowassspotys riding.  Nothing more nothing less.  RIDE MORE!


SLC 150

Last weekend 7 of us went on an amazing dual sport adventure fill with fireroads, singletrack, no-track, and urban ripping. It was about 160 miles total on my odometer and a 12 hour day. Such a fun time, everyone should own a dirt moto.


Fire Roads

Jake and the some of the boys went out on there dirt moto's today for a huge loop of the SLC valley (posting soon from there mission).  All I have is my #superslowsporty (#whichiloveandwouldnttrade) so I went out and tooled around on some fire roads and pretended I was with them.