* * * * *
Logged 60 or so miles in the sunshine today; ran some errands, pounded out a seat pan, visited my mom. Forgot a memory card, so it pretty much never happened.


No Cigar.

* * * * *
I've had the FXR off the lift for a week now, and I've been trying to get some peeps together for a little jam. But holiday weekends and life just keep gettin' in the way. Tyler dropped his chop off with Sean for a few post-break-in tweaks, so we thought we'd gotten our shit together for a little gun-shootin' jam today. But the Hi-4 ignition took a shit as soon as we hit the freeway. Sean limped it back to the shop on one lung and we slapped in a fresh Crane, just as the sun went down...
Maybe tomorrow?


The Fixxer.

* * * * *

My New-To-Me 93 FXR is back on the ground, where it belongs. This project took waaay too long. Needed a little more love than it was supposed to, and it seemed to fuck me every time I looked at it, but it's back where it needs to be.
A huge thanks to Sean for guiding me through my ghetto chop, suspension work, and basically wiping my ass the whole way. And another huge thanks goes over to Hobbs for showing up at the perfect moment with a git'er done attitude to just close it up and ride. I probably woulda stared at it and smoked for another few hours if you hadn't have shown up when you did, pumpkin.
I've been able to catch a few hours on it since it hit the ground Friday afternoon, and I'll tell you what... I shoulda bought an FXR ten years ago. This bitch feels like the lovechild of a freight train and a flat tracker... you can definitely tell where Erik Buell's head was at when he worked on this project.
There's still a fair amount of work in store to get this thing where I ultimately want it to be, so stay tuned. It's gonna be a fun fuckin' ride.


Circa 1986

I guess my Dad deserves the credit for my love of motorcycles or anything with wheels for that matter. I was at my parents house a few months ago and popped open some old photo albums. Ran across these bad boys so I yanked em and had to scan them in for further review.

These were taken when I was about four years old. My Dad had a close homie of his that owned this cabin up in Northern AZ that was passed down to him on a "Generation to Generation" type deal. There were only dirt roads up to it, so in the Winter we had to rip the ATC's in since the snow was so deep. I can vividly remember being up there at this young of an age. I was so hyped on Pop's 250R, I swear to god I must of drawn that thing 500 different times in 357 different configurations during my school career. It was definitely the "Ender Ender" for me. Still a part of my roots, but thank god I grew out of a three wheeler being my dream bike. I will say that my kit is pretty dialed: Mountaineering boots and full Levi's body suit, "Later Dayzzzzz". Pretty creepy the resemblance that my pops and I got going on as well.

Crazy how times have changed from the good ol days.

Team Hobbs

Dialed kit from day one

That heater was the only thing keeping me on

I felt like such a bad ass in this picture



Just so you can see how cold it was outside this weekend. Brisk to say the least. But some snow to be had for sure.


After playing in the snow and building midget snowmen with my kids, I hit up Hobbs for a nippy ride.

Hobbs popped off a few curb cut leaps. The nose mannie still is rad Hobbs.


Ride To Shred

Here are a few stills that Queen took today while we were on our way up to Brighton. Stone, Jer, you were missed.
I always seem to need gas

Seth and his sweet helmet cam before it took a shit. A careful eye will reveal a fearless duo in the background, JP and Pat

The Spot slogan


Funny thing is I went all day thinking I was G.T.S.ing.
Tonino's new Chop is incredible.

Rollin' Dirtiez.

* * * * *
Sometimes shit gets retarded and all you can do is round up a few homies, load the dirtiez, pick up a few rounds, and man-day it out. Kevin, Brian, Sean and I needed just that... definitely helped a bit. At least until the ibuprofen wore off a few hours ago.


Pops V-Rod

My bike couldn't make my trip, But my pops had his V-rod chillin' down here, so at least I got a ride, stoked! Had to give it the old 1-2 and get some youth imbedded in this thing.

Thats my Homie Tom from the Snowboarder Magazine. On his 550 Honda, dude rides it everyday!!

DicE Issue Release Party

Held it down for LMC last Saturday at the DicE Magazine Issue #29 release party. Here are a few snaps from the evening. If you don't already, head over to DicEmagazine.com and subscribe to this sweet little mag. Dean and Matt run a killer magazine and they are doing it all on their own dime. Makin shit happen! Both of them are legit as it gets, so go support the cause.


The Jap is Back

After a blown AZ trip with Hobbs, followed by my back up Cali trip also blown, due to "can't keep up with my bike issues" and 2 days diggin' through my electrical. I get my bars from Rock at RocksChops about an hour before dialing in my electrical problem. Toss those babies on and bust a chilly ride this evening, Hyped!! Love the bars Rock, Thanks!! Love fixing crap too...

Happy Guy!


* * * * *
So I've learned a lot about Davin through this "Best Tank Ever" split custody project. First, kid doesn't flake. He's been prompt and reliable in his daily duties. Second, he likes shitty Mexican beer, too. And he doesn't buy food, so he's probably a skinny little shit who survives wholly on 99 cent double cheeseburgers at McDonalds. And he, too, has way more bikes than space...
All in all, I think it's safe to say that Davin is a solid cat. We're gonna let him off the hook... 11 days of random picture emailing for no real reason other than the fact that I demanded it without reward is pretty impressive. Check him out at BloodFalcons... I've never been to Detroit, but it seems to churn out a few champs.

Jer, I found your wallride today

and burnout to boot.

TJ and the "Wagon Burner"

TJ dropped back in on his second Sporty in a year last week. I told him I would lend a hand in making it less stock than it was. I rolled it in my garage last night and here is what came out. I will round up a stock pic of it later so you can see the change. Nothing set in stone(especially the rear fender) but it looks shit tons better.