The Garage shall set you free...

I just had to get away and unwind from all of the X-treme... so straight to the garage I went...nuts, bolts, and a greasy hand wrapped around a coldie.


Since I'm on the sentimental way-back train, here it is: The VERY first frame I ever shot with or of this crew. Standing on the roof of my truck on the side of I-15 because my bike was in pieces and the loaner I was gonna jam woke up with a flat tire.


Been deep in the archives for a minute now. Before there was BOLTS, there was Steezyriders. It's probably debatable, but this just may have been day 1 for where we are now.

Note to Self

Traditional, Functional, Simple

If have been in a situation where you run into the unexpected, you quickly learn to appreciate a functional garment. These guys always come through. They just opened up a store in SLC. I stopped by to checkout the scene. The buildout is pretty insane and they even have a full ladies and kids line which is pretty sweet. These pieces are usually a one time buy cause they will last a lifetime.


The Shed Shop

Stopped by and kicked it with Jer for a few hours while he worked on Fishmouth last night. So much cool shit going on with this thing.


David Mann

My graphics have always had something to do with things I'm into or opinion's I have. This one was no different. I themed it with some David Mann art work that we got rights for and the flag is an obvious choice for the base to match the top. I never posted this, thought all you moto heads would appreciate it. These are the 3 finalist before I ultimately decided on version 3.

A Show of Love

I was in Phoenix for work last weekend which made it super convenient to attend Jeremiah's 2 year anniversary celebration. The weather was perfect and Tanner let me take his sporty. I met up with Andy and Brook and then we took Matt and Dean for dinner at one of my favorite Phoenix spots, Delux. Stoked I got to go again this year. Sorry, I only took a few snaps.

KC Badger of Daggerzone fame, at an arm wrestle Battle Royale

Funny side note: As you can see from the above picture that Andy snapped of me, I was on Tanners bike. As Jeremiah was giving away the awards for best this....and best that....I wasn't even paying attention. I did notice that Andy won a much deserved "Best Sportster" award. In all of the chaos that was going on the next thing I can recall is silence and I hear Jeremiah yell, "Again....who owns the all black sportster by the Dice Van?.......Anyone...(long silence)....anyone?" It was at this point that I felt like the biggest dumb ass. I rode a friends bike to a show and it wins a fucking award. Puts me in a pretty uncomfortable spot because the last thing I want to do is be that guy. But I had a few friends call me out and I end up claiming said award. Tanner couldn't of been happier.

Said Award for 1st place EVO.

See you next year


The Verdict

Man, first and foremost, thanks to all of you that sent in submissions. We were extremely surprised at how many people sent us images. With that said, the response was much more overwhelming than we had anticipated so we had to alter the contest a bit.

There will still be one clear winner of this little event, but I also asked Stone, Seth, and Jeremy to pick their top three and explain how they chose. Below are the results, all in order from first to last, and if you want to see the rules of which Steven Stone plays by then read THIS first.

SETH's Top Tre

Click HERE to see why

Ryan Roundy

Thomas aka El Viajero
Vegas Crew

Alex Thomas

STONE's Hits

Click HERE for the descriptive response on why

Ryan Roundy

Koen Geukens


JEREMY'S Top Three

Click HERE for his insight on how he chose

Ryan Roundy


Koen Geukens

JAKE's Golden Children

Click HERE if you care to see why I like these

Koen Geukens

James Divin

Arlo Ringsmuth

So after looking at the above, you can see there is a clear winner......Ryan Roundy congratulations on your shot, there are some photo nerds here and everyone was hyped on your shot.

If your photo is up here but you didn't win the grand prize, you will still be getting some BOLTS merch. Thanks to everyone that entered.