"Japanese Style"

While mixing paprika and a raw egg to pour over his beef bowl Mochi's commit summed up the night for me "Japanese Style! mmmm My Favorite"!

Mochi and Shimpei

More from this coming shortly. Thanks Mochi and Shimpei, Japan would no have been the same trip without you guys!


Random Japan Luck

Hide Motorcycles was a shop I was hoping to check out. Looks like I wont make that one. So when I stumbled by Rude Gallery with a Hide bike in the window, I was curiously stoked. Hide and Rude did a cool colab of sorts with some T's, jackets and trinkets, as well as this gallery and display of this iron being built. Pretty cool! A good Japanese find by a wondering tourist. Just thought I'd share my trip the best I can.

Tokyo Chopper Talk

I met up with Mochi tonight at one of his homies clothing exhibitions, Challenger Works. Then he introduced me to some really cool dude's. We chilled out talked chops and shared stories of riding and adventures. A really talented group of dudes. ranging from clothing designers to actors. Shinsuke from Neighborhood, and Shimosaka with Bunkerstud to do a little name dropping. thanks Mochi and Crew for a good time.


It might even be snowing this time...

La Nieve

On the way to work this morning

Today is the first "Snow" here in SLC. It's the reason I moved here to begin with, and it will be the reason I stay. There is nothing like waking up to that amazing Wasatch Front being covered in snow. Its means different things for different people. For some it means work time(Jer and Seth), for others it means ride time(the rest of us). It got me thinking on the way to work just how much we ride in the winter and how fun it is. I have said it numerous times over the past few weeks to the Bolts Boys, "but I really cant believe how much we ride in the snow". Here are some shots from last season that should get you motivated to ride whatever time of year it may be.


Nice Motorcycles

These fools be building some really cool stuff. Again... not allot of time but the fab shop was in full swing on a saturday. Showroom floor was littered with beautiful variations of already really cool HD's. We shared some blog fever with each other and I walked out with a ill new Nice Moto shirt. I was hyped. It's awesome to hit the joint's that are about riding these bikes and riding them hard. It cool to feel the same feeling halfway across the world about a bike ride with someone you have never even met.


Murayama Motorcycle Japan

I had an hour between some crap Im doing here is Japan. I got a few names and places to visit if I could from Mochi at COC and Matt Davis at Dice. So I hoped in a taxi and took a shot at Murayama Motorcycles here in Osaka. His shop wasn't open when I got there so I talked to the Taxi driver that didn't understand any english to drive me around a little. I found an apartment with the name Murayama on it, so I knocked the door and guess who answered? Yup, Murayama, haha! So anyway, we couldn't communicate one single bit. But we pointed at stuff and both spoke our languages and had a nice visit for a short 30 minutes anyway. Rad stuff!


Every motorcycle that I have ever come across seems to have a "Life cycle", different changes it goes through. Whether is be an aesthetic change, performance upgrade, or just a good ol re-up on shit that's been broken for ages and just never got fixed.

I was thinking the other day about how hideous my sporty was when I first picked it up. It just looked so bland, except for the super sweet ghost flames. Here is a little time line of changes its gone through. I am content with the way it looks right now......until I change it again.