Doin It Baja

I would assume that most of you have seen these by now. So if you have been hiding under a rock for some reason I have done you a kindness and posted all 8 episodes below, your welcome you lazy SOB's.

We don't like to "embed" or "repost" stuff here on Bolts but this one is worth a watch for sure. Especially since our close friends Hime Herbert and Bill Bryant were on the trip.

Hime has been a homie for a long ass time. We have repped the same brands in the past and he is now slanging Loser Machine Goods and Gold Coast Skateboards in the greater Los Angeles area. He is also a vegetarian that can drink you under the table and make you piss your pants from laughter. Great effin dude. You can check his passion for road bikes here.

Bill is one of those guys that knows a lot about a lot of things. He is kind of like having insurance 24/7 when you are around him, he puts off a "safe" vibe. He is deeply rooted in the old school BMX scene and he is now a co-owner of Biltwell. I got to spend some great time with him on the last Baja trip we did last month. He was nice enough to take us on a 70 mile Mexican trail ride up the coast that was unbelievable.

Both of these cats played very important roles in the footage below. Hime, the class clown, and Bill, the fearless tour guide. If you ever get the chance to ride motorcycles down to Baja, DO IT! You'll never regret it if you do.

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