The Ebb And Flow Of Coolness. Or, Next Year's Period Correct.

(Thanks for the phrase, Tonino)
Sean and I spent the past few weeks locating and collecting several of his past builds - the ones that we could track down locally - for a little project we're working on.
It's crazy to see how much styles have changed.
Sean built this bike for a customer in the late 90's... there's a ridiculous amount of work in it. Hidden on-board compressor and a grip of other high-dollar doo-dads. All the moulding was done in steel, not bondo. The 100" S&S Evo motor was polished by none other than West Coast Choppers, and that was still several years before Motorcycle Mania hit the mainstream and Jesse was still just another dude tryin' to make a buck.
This scoot won a bunch of awards, including first place at the Easyrider's Sacramento show in 98 or 99... but I can't recall accurate details, so I'll save accolades for another day.
Anyway. It's funny to think that in 5-10 years, dudes in Japan are gonna be trading their life savings to buy these wheels on eBay. It'll probably take a few years longer to catch on again in the US, but mark my words... this shit'll be back, and a whole new generation of dudes are gonna be scramblin' to be the first to get back to the last.
(By the way, I know I look dead-sexy on this thing... please, though, try to keep your girlfriends from emailing me naked photos. My collections big enough already.)


Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Friends don't let friends ride pull back T bars!

motoguru. said...

predatorONpredator FTW!