Fishmouth from Pangea

So it's been a minute on the swingarm update. Andy has been busy with other projects I had a busy Aug. with next to zero days at home. But alas the frame is done and ready for me to take home and bust the fab out on the rest and get this thing taking shape as far as moving parts go.
I wanna take my hat off to ANDY/PANGEA on this one!! He went above and beyond with the OG dream and ideas I shared with him, at the same time he stayed right along the perfect line of the drawings and vision I had. Me and Andy both should thank his Pop's for the lovely "frame looks sick! Except now the square swingarm looks HORRIBLE!" comment which took us to phase 2 of the swing arm re-up of actually rebuilding the whole thing.
Anyway, This thing looks F'ing RAD!!!!! I can say that even though its my bike cause it was not my hands that pounded the miracle, thanks Again ANDY, no homo!!

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motoguru. said...

That thing turned out SOOO fresh!! When Andy told me what he was gonna do with the swinger, all I could picture was the gross Bourget style swingarm. I should have known better.