YO hit up Nick if you need some really good die cuts done!
Thanks homie these are beautiful.

*** Nick has had a few e-mails from folks wanting to buy these actual stickers. Please only hit Nick up if you would like to have him do your blogs logo or company logo in the die cut format of a sticker. He is very good at it and his prices are fair. Again sorry for the confusion Please do not contact him in search of the Bolts Die cuts***


nick said...

thanks for the hype up jeremy! yep, if you want some stickers done, or have a design that you want tweaked drop me a line.

as for the folks that have contacted me wanting bolts stickers, sorry doots. i can make you one of robocop riding a unicorn, but no bolts ones! hah

peezy said...

i'll take robocop on a uni!