Small Business Saturday

American Express started a movement last year called Small Business Saturday. They are doing a great job putting marketing dollars into their campaign this year to boost the economy through the support of small businesses. So instead of watching people stomp each others faces off at Walmart, just to get a deal on some Tickle Me Elmo's, we would like to encourage you to support the people that are running their own businesses, working there everyday without some crazy money in the bank, just trying to live the American dream. Starting at Midnight tonight, and going for 24 hours, we will be running 20% off everything in our online store. In addition to that, we will be throwing in a Gratis hand numbered limited edition item for the first 100 orders as our way of saying "Thanks for the support". Just enter the code "SBS" at checkout and click update total to reflect your discount.

I know I'm going to go spend some LOCAL dollars tomorrow and we encourage you to do the same. Below are some links to friends of ours that are running a one, or two, man show just trying to keep the fire alive. Give them a look:


Knauer said...

20% off doesn't seem to be working? Unless the Bolts hoodie sis usually more than $35?

Hobbs said...

Knauer, you need to use the code SBS at checkout once you have added all your items to the cart.