?? The Winch ??

How do I introduce a beast as this? Basically, wakeboarders invented this machine, thats just the way it is! Snowboarders think wakeboarders are gay, skateboarders think snowboarders are gay, BMX'ers think skateboarders are gay, baggers think choppers gay and I think a gay is gay. Anyway, I thought I would post a little product review on this beast. We snowboarders use it for speed to obstacles we find in the streets, there has been terrible versions designed and the general feeling of getting behind the controls of a winch are fear based and avoided first and for most, simply for the reason that you might get more hurt than the "athlete" that your are winching in will get performing their stunts. The Heine Winch however is designed/engineered and built with speed, protection and easy of maintenance in mind. After using it for the past 2 weeks, daily, all these points came to fruition and truth. I know it ain't moto just a motor and maybe you don't care, but don't worry it's winter and you'll only have to look a this post for another month or 2. So, as you would behind the butt end of a speed boat with handle clinched in your paws yell "HIT IT" and get your grind on.

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motoguru. said...

That thing make my bungee look like childs' play.