Sunday Set Ups 3

Hollywoods tool box and work benches are this weeks Sunday Set Up. How can I explain this? Hobbs is very particular about the way things exist. Don't think for a second that he got all these items all straightened up for the photos, if you do you'll be dead as dead wrong possible. I have made frequent stops by Hollywood's crib site, unannounced and his kit always looks this buttoned up! Its crazy! Homie keeps his seen tight and in order. OCD? Maybe. Truth is, it makes more sense than the pile that most people work under (at least me).
My favorites.

The Religious Candles
"MY" air cleaner wrapped in a towel

Love the Hollywood!! Great Set Up fool!


Sean said...

Balance dot is in the right place.

SNEEKS said...

Did you make that 2-1 exhaust layin on the bench or buy it somewhere. Would you sell it?

SNEEKS said...

Were did you score that 2-1 side dump exhaust, or did you make it. Would you be willing to sell it.