Speed Merchant: Fork Adjusters Review

First I backed out the adjuster screw all the way to cotter pin

Second I removed the fork cap, remembering to unscrew using pressure as to avoid sending the cap to the ceiling or your jaw.

Screw the new Cap on

Done.  Super, super easy to install.  After backing out the adjuster bolt in the beginning it seemed to match the load i had previously so I only spun in the adjuster bolt to the first registration mark on the adjuster bolt.

Might as well give them a shakdown...

Hobbs was only able to get one jump out of his bike unfortunately!  Not because his Speed Merchant Fork Adjusters however,

Standard mid peg mount buckle

I picked my bike up a few times and dropped it on the adjusters,  seemed to work wonderfully!

Hyped on these little gems,  they look dope are strong and seem to offer a  range of quick on the fly mild fork adjustment.

Check them out at


nick said...

dang, another mid peg mount break. you cats are crazy

love that throttle on the fish jeremy, looks so rad. also, thanks for posting and keeping boltsaction alive

andy said...

damn i need to build you two some legit peg mounts....

xbrooklynx said...

My kits come with fork adjusters standard. So im not sweating it either.