An Old Classic.

Some of y'all know that I'm a huge fan of the classics:
J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye.
Darrio Argento's Suspiria.
You know, the shit that your parents got down with before capitalism turned them into robots? The stuff your creepy uncle was always talking about while trying to sound intelligent in front of yet another random girlfriend that he brought to Thanksgiving dinner? Good, tried and true classics that have been around forever and will stick around for a long time yet.
On Monday, I got to experience another great classic: Right turns from left lanes.
Yup... an old, honest to goodness American classic, brought to motorcycle riders on a daily basis by irresponsible drivers in cars. Or, in this instance, 15 passenger cargo vans.
But hey... this isn't supposed to be another hard-times post about shit luck and Debbie Downer wah-wahs...
Not at all.
Instead, this post is to let everyone who's still reading know that on Monday I had what was quite possibly the most amazing good hair day of my entire life.
That's right... on Monday, my hair looked fantastic.
All day --- Before being cut off by a cargo van's last-second decision to shoot across my lane at 90 degrees to hit a perpendicular parking spot on the right. During the collision when I was bouncing off his van after a 20 foot, fully flared right-side powerslide (nailed it!) . And even afterwards, while I was shouting words of encouragement at the cowering driver through his barely cracked window... pick-me-ups such as "what the fuck was that" and "get the fuck out of that van right now you fucking stupid cunt".
Yup, my clip was looking TIGHT.
So here's to good haircuts and pomades, for keeping that shit where you put it, no matter what your day throws your way!
Thanks for letting me share this little tidbit of optimism --- good hair is rarely an easy task.
(Sorry, I don't have any photos of my amazing hair from Monday... just this stupid photo of a twisted-ass FXR)


motoguru. said...

Having dealt with male pattern baldness for at least a decade, I am totally envious of your good hair day. That being said, I would have rather read about your bike making it thru safely, not the do. But hey, you gotta deal with some shit from time to time to get a good blog post.

Glad u and your hair made it thru unharmed. Sorry to hear about the fixxxer.

Bastard Rob said...

What's up with your luck, man? And Oh yeah - finish your damn sportster!

BA said...

I think few can know the kinship you and I share over hair, that said I too rarely know the joys of a complete "good hair day". I don't think most people know how comforting that can be in a desperate time of confusion and unparalleled angst and anger.

Hopefully those phonies in the van end up south of heaven (.......ya see what I did there?!?).

andy said...

Employing a shaven head since age 12 has left me with out the hair do worries...... But I do think this was national stupid driver week. I got hit by a truck on my bicycle a few days ago. Fix that bitch and next time do a massive wheelie into them.

Jackieshan said...

Normally most people would have nightmares after hitting a guy on a bike, but he probably has these fantasies of Stone in slow-mo with his perfect hair yelling obscenities at him. Haha. Bummed about the bike though. Hopefully it won't take much to get it back to normal.

grant said...

So should i not cut my hair???????
glad you're alright dude.